Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Miss You on Thanksgiving ~ Resonating with Others

I Miss You on Thanksgiving

I miss you on Thanksgiving, my loved ones,
grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, husband,
son and many more,
even on my best days.

You are a part of me. I’ll always remember you,
 even though many years shall pass.

I miss your laughter,
your good cooking,
even your stern looks.

I miss your precious birthday cards,
your old jewelry,
even your old clunky shoes.

 I miss your unpredictably, your desire for shopping, even your special way of wearing lipstick.

I miss your caring moments, my sitting on your knee, even lifting you from tub to bed, as you were dying.
I miss you when I dance, for you called me your queen,
even your face when I looked upon you ready to be embalmed.

I miss you when I think about what may have been,
even when I remember
the ugliness of your being from immaturity.

I miss you who influenced me and cast your breath of hope upon my spirit,
even though the world is now so full of hurt and evil.

I miss you most whom I’ve not yet seen face-to-face,
even though the world shuns you and looks the other way.
Soon, we shall all be together.