Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 Steps to Survive Sanely

Perhaps you saw Benaiah CEO Benjamin Hale's Tweet quote today. His reminder of Benjamin Franklin's saying "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" is a great tip to surviving sanely. Here's 3 steps of knowledge that you can put into practice today to keep you poised for sanity.

1. Take a step back. Being too close to a situation can make things appear bigger or different than they really are. Backing away from a situation or circumstance can provide a more objective view. Giving yourself some space can inspire you with new ideas, a different perspective and maybe even additional or better options.

2. Laugh. Having a good laugh is refreshing, it promotes stress relief. There are a lot of great, past and present, comedians that can have you rolling in laughter in a matter of minutes. If you are from the baby boomer set, you may enjoy a look at some classics like Red Skelton or Lucy. From Generation Y or X? ...maybe a look at the Nerdist. Check out the video below for clean comedy. It's from YouTube, where you can find a lot of good laughs.

3. Dance. Need some energy? Want to lose weight? ... get in a better mood? Dancing is good for your health. It's an outlet for creative energy and even releases serotonin.
Whether it's the local YMCA or private jazz, tap, hip hop or reggae class, you can tone some muscle, build the cardiovascular and have lots of fun.

Do these tips work for you? Have others to share?

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