Friday, May 18, 2012

5 Benefits of a Peaceful Attitude

"Ahh, isn't this peaceful?" Most of us (in the U.S. at least) have heard or said this many times throughout the course of our lifetime. Peaceful is what we enjoy experiencing after a difficult day of dealing with complaining customers, kids, employees, etc., but even when the noise is removed from our space, do we really feel peaceful?

A peaceful attitude can make life's adjustments an even smoother transition. Here are five benefits of a peaceful attitude:

1. A peaceful heart. This comes from letting go of all the grudges, resentments, and any hidden "heart" barriers to total peace. As someone who's helped many financially that have never repaid me, and yet now I struggle myself to regain my ability to pay all the creditors and become debt free again, I've had to come to the place where I've been reminded of Biblical teachings that address this issue. When you become a lender, you must do so expecting nothing in return (paraphrased). Hard stuff to swallow sometimes, but when you release that hurt within you, you're FREE!

2. Holistic healing. Not only does your heart feel peaceful when you develop a peaceful attitude, so does the rest of your body. Amazing how much relief takes place from having a peaceful attitude. Headaches diminish, sleep patterns improve, physical ailments decrease... Life just gets BETTER!

3. Mellowness. When you're mellow you can forgive and forget much easier. Frustrations and idiosyncrasies just roll off your back. No matter what happens... You'll be OKAY!

4. Rewards. The perks of life come to those who have a peaceful attitude. Career paths/job opportunities/life goals can be easier developed. Patience comes from a peaceful attitude. Knowing what job/hobby interests you, inspires you and challenges you is a great personal milestone that becomes a reality when life's path is seen with greater visibility, void of all the distractions of a troubled mind. CLARITY becomes a great friend!

5. New relationships. Developing a new relationship with a parent, a child or a sibling can be a breaking free experience. Old emotional wounds can heal, and you may even find a part of yourself that you'd not even known was missing. People that you would never have had anything in common with previously seem to suddenly be someone you'd never want to live without. Life gets even more EXCITING!

Are you ready for some freedom and excitement?

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